INTRO OFFER: your first 3 sessions for $150!
An exclusive Pilates experience that will sculpt your physique and fuel your self-confidence.

Aligned Pilates is a home-based private studio located in Cicero, NY. Private sessions are offered with a variety of apparatus and props, making each session fun, motivating and highly effective.  

1-1 Sessions

Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!


On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


Why Aligned Pilates?

The perfect mix of classical Pilates principals with contemporary choreography.


Pilates is well known for its ability to improve core strength and target intricate muscles. Through controlled and lengthening movements, we'll enhance your flexibility, improve posture, and develop lean muscle, all supporting a strong, sculpted and toned body.


The private setting creates a safe space to focus on your own goals and challenge your limits. The one-on-one support will encourage risk-taking and the willingness to push boundaries. By setting and achieving personalized goals, you'll develop a profound sense of empowerment and confidence that you'll carry with you in and outside of the studio.



Having dedicated over two decades to dance, with experience in various forms of exercise, my journey has been nothing short of passion and discipline. This led to a strong understanding of the connection between the mind and body.

Then came Pilates - its emphasis on the holistic mind-body connection, along with its physical benefits, has truly resonated with me. It brought me into alignment, and now I’m so excited to share this gift and passion with you all.

That being said, relationships are important to me. I'm all about good vibes and energy! I want us to develop a strong connection so I can not only help you become a Pilates pro, but a better you.

xo Victoria
Certified Pilates Instructor

The studio is so cute &
aesthetically pleasing.

Best Pilates workout and instructor! So proud of you and excited to see where it takes you.

After doing Pilates for many years, this workout was extremely challenging in a good way!

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